120MY by Miguel Sbastida

Wearable sculptures featuring a reproduction of fossil corals that lived 120 million years ago. The original fossils were collected in the Pyrenees Mountain range, casted into solid silver and welded into rings and bracelets.

The project has been conceived as an answer to a time dominated by anthropogenic climate breakdown. By purchasing a piece you are adopting a coral from the Reef Renewal Foundation and contributing to future re-insertion into marine ecosystems.


Miguel Sbastida is a visual artist working across sculpture, video installation and performance, in an investigation around the intersections of geologic time, cultural ecologies and climate breakdown. 

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ARTIGLIO by Sofia Gallarate

ARTIGLIO earrings are inspired by bodies’ artificial features and animals’ natural weapons.

ARTIGLIO performs nature while being a tribute to artificiality. It's a female hybrid between animal instincts and human’s body modification. It's hyper sexuality and shiny animality.

ARTIGLIO is an object turned into a subject, a plus, an extra, an expansion, a weapon, a spine, a fetish


Sofia Gallarate is an editor, writer, and creative strategist. From contemporary art, to emerging technologies and performance, her work consists in ‘reading images’ and translating the tensions that arise from them into writings and creative interpretations. 

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Venus has an alluring garden where it’s residing creatures share a sweet kiss and a love bite. Bacio di Venus is a chain that can be both a choker or a belly belt. 


Originally from London, Sofia Lucarelli is currently based in Mexico City and specialises in oil painting and graphic design. Her work revolves around fabricated universes inspired by her surroundings, including architectural elements and natural textures. 

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G-MAPS by Lucrezia de Fazio

The collection is a response to our contemporary condition of physical disconnection. A golden thread replicates a specific Google Maps® itinerary that connects two or more special places to a person.

Each jewel is unique and intimate and witnesses a special bond, love story and relationship.

All G-MAPS are unique handmade pieces created by Lucrezia and can be worn as earrings and necklace pendants. The artist invites you to create your personal distances.


Lucrezia de Fazio is a visual artist working across drawing, photography, video and performance researching on the sphere of intimacy, sexuality and desire.

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HOLD by Adeline de Monseignat

A pair of miniature hands inspired by the monumental ones found in Mexico City’s El Monumento a la Madre whose figure holds an ear corn. Here, the hands hold a humble earlobe instead.

HOLD is meant to make their owners feel ‘held’ by their earrings, as though the sculpted hands are holding them, as opposed to them wearing the jewellery. 


Adeline de Monseignat is a sculptor. Her work translates an interest in psychology, mythology, urban legends, anthropology and other literary sources which refer to birth, fertility, anthropomorphism and the uncanny.

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HOUSES by Teodora di Robilant

Born in the time of absolute astrological craze – HOUSES portrays zodiac signs, cosmographical symbols of ancient cultures redesigned in a contemporary key.
The two-faced medallion is to feel yourself & someone closer.

HOUSES duality is inspired by the meridian line crossing the floor of Palermo’s cathedral, used to mark the seasonal changes in the passage
of the sun through astrological signs.


Teodora di Robilant is a curatorial researcher living between Rome and Milan. She curates independent art exhibitions across Italy. 

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I'M ON FIRE by Delfina Scarpa

A pair of silver and gold earrings to wish us all a 2022 of fire, inviting a renewed energy and rekindling the flame within us... BURN LIKE A LIVING FIRE!


Delfina Scarpa is a painter based in Rome. Her work wants to communicate the pure sensation of the landscape. A true stream of consciousness in which time and space are compressed to take the form of a continuous line.

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IMPACTO by Hugo Matula


Car crashed glass found in Mexico City and assembled in sterling silver in Rome.

Unique pieces

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JANGDO CHOKER by Hyungi Park

The necklace is inspired by eunjangdo knives. These were historically worn in Korea by women as utility knives, for self-defense, or to take their own life when there was no other option.

The small ornamental knife was seen as a symbol of fidelity for their husbands.
Hyungi Park reclaims the original symbolism of the knives from fidelity and protection against assault to independence.


Hyungi Park is a Korean American artist based in Los Angeles. Her practice revolves around rituals and making incense, which was historically used to measure time. Park also works as a tattooer, bookbinder and designer. 

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MERIDIANS by Clara Imbert

A series of wearable sculptures inspired by the first navigation objects used in antiquity. While thinking about this collaboration the artist encountered a very special Sextant from the U.S Naval of 1944, Meridians is the artist own version of this object, something to carry with you always.

With Meridians, one can choose to wear the object pointing in the direction they feel like. Together they represent a poetic science, an exploration of space with our bodies as the vessels.


Clara Imbert is a french artist currently based in Lisbon. Her practice questions the notions of space and perspective, of the object and the observer’s perception.

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PUZZLE by Jimena Montemayor

The PUZZLE collection is inspired by the idea of perplexity and entanglement, contributing to Montemayor’s exploration in a graphic dialogue through line, shape and repetition. The collection includes earrings and a necklace.


Jimena Montemayor de la Bárcena is a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico City. Her work focuses on graphic explorations by manipulating straight, patterned lines and puzzling structures to convey a responsive and visual dialogue. Using digital and analogue formats from 2D drawings to tridimensional and sculptural pieces her work has taken part in a variety of exhibitions, features and collaborations in the art and design industry.

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The ring is a chaos decision adviser: if you’re torn between two choices of seemingly equal merit, flip the golden coin. The outcome will be revealed by chance. 

Obverse and reverse of the coin portray Rasputin and Pope Wojtyla: representing a controversial good and bad. A concept of dualism describing how seemingly opposite forces may actually be complementary.


GB GROUP is a collective based in Rome, committed to creating immersive performance art which is carried out exclusively by their audience. They adopt marketing strategies to show the function and potential of each work.

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TIME_LESS by Lucia Oceguera

Today is the day when you get to stop worrying about complying with societies timeline and set yourself on a journey where commitment starts within yourself... and love is free from the merciless restraints of time.

Time_Less earrings celebrate oneness with a token of self-commitment. Not much of a show off? No worries! Adjust your clock hands and keep your commitment a secret to the world. 


Lucía Oceguera is  a visual artist from Culiacán, Mexico. She defines her practice as: the visual manifestation of an existential crisis handled with optimism. 

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